Identification and evaluation of aromatic short grain and coarse grain potential restorers and maintainers in rice hybrids

  • Satyapal Singh, Parmeshwar Ku. Sahu and Deepak Sharma
Keywords: Rice, CMS, aromatic short grain, restorer, maintainer


Three CMS lines IR58025A (Wild abortive (WA) cytoplasm of Oryza perennis), CRMS31A (WA- cytoplasm) and CRMS32A (“Kalinga”cytoplasm from „Dunghansali‟) and 20 diverse testers were crossed in line × tester fashion to generate 60 hybrids. The experiment was laid out in a complete randomized block design with two replications. Observations of pollen fertility and spikelet fertility were carried out for the identification of maintainers and restorers. Out of 60 test crosses 9 restorers exhibited more than 80 % pollen/spikelet fertility with heterotic morphological attributes. Out of 9 restorers two are aromatic short grain type and others 7 are coarse grain type. One maintainer was also identified. Frequency of partial restorer (37) and partial maintainer (11) were high. All the F1 are semi tall except CRMS31A/Jaldubi and CRMS31A/Adhamchini. F1‟s viz. IR58025A/ IR72164-352-2-5-5 and IR58025A/ TOX 981-11-2-3 show high spikelet fertility. No effective maintainer was identified from aromatic short grain rices.
Research Article