Assessment of genetic diversity based on morphological, grain Fe and Zn content in rice

  • R. Purusothoaman and S.Geetha
Keywords: Rice, genotypes, Fe and Zn, Diversity


Variability and diversity was assessed among 78 rice genotypes for various morphological traits including grain Fe and Zn
content. Grain Fe and Zn content exhibited high genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation coupled with high
heritability and genetic advance as per cent of mean. In general, the overall composition of the clustering pattern showed
that genotypes collected from the same geographic origin were included in same cluster. It was observed that Zinc content
contributed maximum towards divergence followed by number of grains per panicle, grain length and grain breadth. The
present study revealed that the clusters XV (T550), XIV (T366) and I (ADT 36, ADT 37, ADT 38, ADT 39, ADT 43, ADT
44, ADT 45, ADT 46, ADT 47, ADT 48, Local Aduthurai and T401) possessing the high mean values for most of the
desirable traits could be crossed with clusters V (CO 47 and W.Ponni), VIII (GIZA 178 and T272) and XII (IR 68144-3B-
2-2-3-3B-2-2-3) for simultaneous improvement of yield, grain Fe content and grain Zn content. Highest inter cluster
distance was noticed between cluster XVI (T289) and cluster XV (T550) followed by cluster VIII (Giza 178 and T272) and
cluster XVI (T289) indicating wide genetic diversity among these clusters. Intercrossing of these genotypes may create
wide segregation in the segregating populations and promising progenies can be selected for yield improvement.
Research Article