Correlation and path analysis studies in okra

  • L.B. Thulasiram, S.R. Bhople and P. Ranjith Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
Keywords: Okra, correlation, yield


Thirty genotypes belonging to okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) were utilized, to work out the correlation and path coefficient. The genotypic and phenotypic correlation indicated that yield per plant was significantly associated with plant height, number of leaves per plant, number of lobes per leaves, number of primary branches per plant, number of nodes per plantand number of fruits per plant. Thus there is an ample scope for improving character through direct selection. Based on positive  direct  effects of different yield components on yield, it would be rewarding to give emphases on the number of primary branches per plant, number of nodes per plant, number of leaves  per plant, leaf area, diameter of fruit and node at which fruit appears, number of lobes per leaves, plant height, internodal length, number of fruits per plant and weight of fruit, however for positive indirect effect  number of nodes per plant, plant height, node at which first fruit appears, length of fruit, weight of fruit, number of fruits per plant, chlorophyll content of leaves and  incidence of YVMV while formulating selection indices for improvement of yield in okra.

Research Note