Genetic divergence in cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] for yield components and seed quality parameters

  • Brahmaiah M, Jhansi Rani K, Sunil N and Keshavulu K
Keywords: Cowpea, diversity, variability


Forty cowpea genotypes were evaluated for 18 quantitative characters to estimate the genetic diversity existing among them by using Mahalanobis D2statistics. The genotypes were grouped into six clusters. The cluster strength varied from single genotype (Clusters III, IV and V) to 25 genotypes (Cluster I). Clusteres IV and VI had high inter cluster distance. Clusters II, III and I had maximum 100-seed weight, number of seeds per pod and seed yield respectively. Cluster IV had maximum seedling vigour index, germination per cent, peduncle length, number of clusters per plant and number of primary branches. The genotypes from clusters IV and IV may be inter crossed to obtain high variation.
Research Note