Estimation of heterosis for seed yield and its attributing traits in linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)

  • Vikas Pali* and Nandan Mehta
Keywords: Better Parent, Heterosis, Linseed, Line × Tester


Heterosis over better parent (BP) for seed yield and yield components in linseed was studied using line × tester analysis involving ten genetically diverse strains used as lines and four testers. The heterosis over better parent for seed yield plant-1 ranged from 48.69 to 552.85 %. Five crosses consistently exhibited significant positive heterobeltiosis for higher seed yield plant-1, viz., RLC-132 × RLC-92, R-4154 × Indira Alsi-32, R-4158 × Deepika, R-4129 × Kartika and RLC-132 × Kartika indicating that these crosses might be useful in linseed hybrid production. These crosses also had significant and positive heterosis for days to 50% flowering, number of capsules plant-1 and oil content and would be more desirable to exploit heterosis in linseed.
Research Note