Genetic variability and correlation for yield and grain quality characters of rice grown in coastal saline low land of Tamilnadu

  • T. Sabesan*, R. Suresh and K. Saravanan
Keywords: Rice, genetic variability, correlation, coastal salinity


Fifty four rice varieties of diverse origin were studied for genetic variability and correlation analysis under coastal saline
low lands. The PCV values were slightly greater than GCV, revealing little influence of environment in character expression.
High values of heritability along with genetic advance were observed for grain yield per plant, 100 grain weight, productive
tillers per plant, grain per panicle, grain length, grain breadth, kernel length, panicle length and plant height. Grain yield per
plant showed positive significant association with plant height and productive tillers per plant at both genotypic and
phenotypic levels. The 100 grain weight was positively significantly correlated with plant height, grains per panicle and
grain breadth.
Research Note