Cotton hybrid SVPR 1 (TSHH 0629) – A high yielding long staple intra hirsutum cotton hybrid for southern zone of India and winter/summer irrigated tracts of Tamil Nadu

  • A. Ramalingam, M. Gnanasekaran, M. Gunasekaran, K. Bharathikumar and K. Thiagu Dean, AC &RI, Killikulam TNAU
Keywords: Cotton hybrid, long staple, intra hirsutum, 40’s counts


Cotton Hybrid SVPR 1 is a promising long staple intra hirsutum hybrid developed at Cotton Research Station, Srivilliputtur. It was identified by the Central Varietal Identification Committee in the year of 2015 and notified in 2016 for kharif season of southern zone of India for irrigated condition and winter/summer irrigated tracts of Tamil Nadu. It is a cross between cultures TSH 311 and TSH 306. Cotton Hybrid SVPR 1 is open type in architecture with determinant growth habit and maturing in 165 days. It has recorded a mean seed cotton yield of 2216 kg/ha which is 16.4 % increase over the check Bunny (1904 kg/ha). This hybrid comes under the long staple category with 2.5% span length of 28.5 mm, fibre strength of 21.9 g/tex and micronaire value of 4.0. It can spin to 40’s counts. It is moderately resistant to leaf hopper, Bacterial Leaf Blight and Alternaria Leaf Spot.  Hence, the cotton hybrid SVPR 1 (TSHH 0629) was released for the winter/summer irrigated areas of Tamil Nadu and Kharif season of South Zone of India

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