Gene action for oil yield contributing characters in backcross population of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

  • R. Chandirakala, Ameena Premnath and N. Manivannan TNAU
Keywords: Sunflower, backcross, Skewness, Kurtosis, gene action.


An investigation was carried out to study the measure of symmetry (skewness) in BC2F1 population of a cross involving TNHSF 239-61-2-4-1, an elite restorer line with low oleic content and HO 5-13, a high oleic inbred line. Analysis for third order statistics was done for the traits, viz., plant height, head diameter, volume weight, seed yield, oil content, oil yield and oleic acid content. Skewness and kurtosis estimates were calculated to study the gene action. The traits viz., seed yield and oil yield recorded positive skewness. This indicates the presence of complementary epistatic gene action for these traits and if selection is made intensively in the segregating generations, the gain will be faster and mild selection results in slower gain.

Author Biography

R. Chandirakala, Ameena Premnath and N. Manivannan, TNAU
Dept. of Oilseeds, TNAU
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