Identification of Restorers and Maintainers for Development of Rice Hybrids using WA and Kalinga sources of CMS lines

  • Parmeshwar Kumar Sahu, Pooja Sahu, Satyapal Singh, Tarun Singh Patel and Deepak Sharma
Keywords: Rice, CMS lines, restorers, maintainers


Three cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines of rice having wild abortive (WA) and Kalinga cytoplasmic male sterility source were crossed with seven testers to identify their restorer/maintainer nature. Total of 21 hybrids were subjected to pollen and spikelet fertility analysis along with their parents. Most of the genotypes expressed differential fertility reactions when crossed with CMS lines were identifies as potential restorers. None of the genotypes identified as potential maintainer based on pollen and spikelet fertility. Among these, Bagdidhan was identified as restorer for all three cms lines. Potential restorers identified in the present investigation could be used to develop good, high yielding and promising rice hybrids.
Research Note