Estimates of genetic variability among the backcross populations involving UMI1200 and UMI1230 maize inbreds

  • P. Bharathi Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, AC&RI, Madurai.
  • Dhasarathan Manickam
  • Karthikeyan Adhimoolam
  • Vanniarajan Chocklingam
  • Senthil Natesan


A knowledge of genetic variability parameters, heritability and genetic advance of the traits is essential in a breeding programme to select and advance a right individual from a population. The aim of this study was to estimate the genetic variability among the backcross (BC1F1, BC2F1) and selfed (BC2F2) population derived from two independent crosses of maize inbreds (UMI 1200 × VQL1 and UMI 1230 × VQL1) and select the efficient individual.  Fourteen morphological traits were used to estimate the genetic variability components. The populations exhibited high PCV than the corresponding GCV for all the traits. Yield and its attributes like cob length and girth, number of kernel rows/ cob, number of kernels/ row and 100 grain weight revealed high heritability with high genetic advance as percent of mean in BC2F2 generations of both the crosses. Hence these traits indicated the presence of additive gene action and selection would be effective.



Research Note