Components of genetic variance and interrelationship among quantitative traits in CAZRI-bred inbred restorers of pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.]

  • V.K Manga
Keywords: Pearl millet, Genetic variation, heritability, genetic advance and correlation


Genetic variation, heritability, genetic advance and association among various traits were investigated in a set of 47 inbred restorer lines developed under inbred development programme at CAZRI, Jodhpur. Significant genetic variation was indicated by analysis of variance, phenotypic (PCV) and genotypic coefficients of variation (GCV) for days to flowering, plant height, effective tillers per plant, ear length, ear girth, ear head weight, grain yield, dry fodder yield, biomass, panicle harvest index, harvest index and 500 grain weight. High estimates of heritability were obtained for 500 grain weight, grain yield, ear head weight, biomass and plant height. Genetic advance as percent of mean, were found to be high for grain yield, ear head weight and biomass. These traits also recorded high GCV and heritability. This indicated that selection may be effective for these traits. Association study revealed that most of the traits had positive significant correlation with grain yield except for days to flowering which had negative significant correlation with grain yield, suggesting that early varieties tend to yield higher. Days to flowering also had negative significant correlation with ear head girth, ear head weight, panicle harvest index and harvest index, but positive significant association with 500 grain weight, thus late varieties had higher 500 grain weight as compared to early varieties. Ear head weight, dry fodder yield and biomass yield had high values of correlation coefficients with grain yield, while plant height, ear head length, ear head girth, panicle harvest index and harvest index had moderate positive association with grain yield. Consequently, selection of taller genotypes with long ear heads, more ear head girth, early maturity and high panicle harvest index would be the best way to improve grain yield.
Research Note