Genetic variability, correlation and path coefficient studies in sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] mutants

  • T. Shivaprasad
  • G. Girish
  • Ashok Badigannavar
  • S. Muniswamy
  • L. N. Yogesh and T.R. Ganapathi


The present study was undertaken to assess genetic variability present in the mutant derived from Chincholli-2 and JP 1-5 landraces in M4 generation and estimate the correlation and path coefficients among yield and attributing traits. The present study revealed wide variation for morphological and yield contributing traits. Among the genetic parameters studied, high phenotypic and genotypic coefficient of variation (PCV, GCV), heritability and genetic advance was observed for panicle length, panicle weight, panicle width, seed weight and grain yield. Significant positive correlations were observed between grain yield and number of leaves, plant height, stems girth, panicle length, panicle area indicating the role and importance of these traits in the development of high yielding varieties. The path analysis revealed positive and direct effect of days to maturity, number of leaves, plant height, stem girth, panicle length, panicle weight and panicle width on grain yield per plant. This study would help in developing high yielding mutants for deep black soils of northern Karnataka under rainfed conditions.

Author Biographies

T. Shivaprasad

College of Agriculture Raichur, University of Agriculture Sciences, Raichur

G. Girish

Agriculture Research Station, Hagari, Bellary, Karnataka

S. Muniswamy

Agriculture Research Station, Kalaburagi

L. N. Yogesh and T.R. Ganapathi

Agriculture Research Station, Hagari, Bellary

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