Genetic variability and character association studies in curry leaf ( Murraya koenigii)

  • N. Shoba, S. Balakrishnan, P. Paramaguru and K. Vithya Professor


Studies on variability and association of characters in curry leaf genotypes were carried out with eight genotypes collected around Coimbatore district at HC&RI, Coimbatore during 2017-2019. Significant variability was observed for all the characters recorded in the curry leaf genotypes. Among the characters studied length of the matured shoot (118.90 and 114.95), plant height (66.27 and 51.41) and the number of compound leaf per matured shoot (18.97 and 17.24) recorded the highest phenotypic and genotypic variances respectively. Highest Phenotypic coefficient of variation and genotypic coefficient of variation was recorded for weight of the matured shoot (18.80 and 18.74), the number of matured shoot (15.13 and 14.98), the number of compound leaf per matured shoot (10.74 and 10.49)and fresh leaf yield /plant (10.63 and 10.40) Less variation was noticed between Phenotypic co-efficient of variation and Genotypic co-efficient of variation, which indicates environmental influence was low for all the characters. Number of matured shoots (98.09 and 30.57), Length of matured shoots (96.68 and 19.61), weight of matured shoots (99.27 and 38.46), the number of compound leaves per matured shoot (95.32 and 21.10) and fresh leaf yield per plant (95.86 and 21.01) showed high heritability with high genetic advance. High heritability with high genetic advance as per cent of mean for the character represents selection is effective and this is due to additive gene action. The magnitude of genotypic correlation was higher than the phenotypic correlation for all the traits that indicated inherent association between various characters.

Research Note