TCH 1716 - An Extra Long Staple G.hirsutum Cotton Genotype

  • P. Vindhiyavarman
  • Gunasekaran M
  • Thangaraj K
  • Amala Balu P
Keywords: Cotton, Extra long staple, large boll size


Indian cotton production has reached 375 lakh bales, after meeting 297 lakh bales of domestic demand besides sparing 90 lakh bales for export.  However, the annual requirement of extra long staple cotton is about 7.60 lakh bales against the current production of 5.0 lakh bales.  In G.hirsutum the availability of ELS varieties are very limited.  The newly developed TCH 1716 is a high yielding genotype with a fibre length of 35.6mm.  The boll size is also large.  It is a boon in the production of extra long staple cotton in India.

Research Note