Genetic Diversity of Brown Rice for Iron and Zinc Content

  • Rajendragouda Patil., Diwan J. R ., Nidagundi J. M., Lokesha R., Ravi. M. V., Boranayak M. B and Dikshith S
Keywords: Rice, Vitamins, Bio fortification, Genotypes, Germplasm, Iron and Zinc.


Biofirtification is one of the sustainable approaches for improving the F2 and Zn content and their bioavailability in rice grain. Screening germplasm for Fe and Zn content is the initial step of biofortificaton. Sixty accessions of rice genotypes for Fe and Zn concentration. Iron concentration ranged from 3.38 ppm to 36.99 ppm and zinc from 3.32 ppm to 42.49 ppm. Genotypes having high Fe and Zn content are selected for further breeding programme.
Research Note