Relationship between morphological traits and secondary metabolites in Artemisia annua L. by using correlation and path analysis

  • Shilpi Paul, A A Naqvi, Madan M Gupta, Suman P S Khanuja
Keywords: Artemisia annua, correlation, path analysis, artemisinin, essential oil


Correlation and path analysis were performed for fifteen morphological and chemical (monoterpenes and sequeterpenes) traits in Artemisia annua. Significant positive relationship and direct effect was observed of artemisinin yield with plant height, branching pattern (number of primary, secondary and tertiary branches), petiole length, ketone and 1, 8 cineol while negative association was observed with artemisinic acid, α-pinene and camphor. Oil content was negatively associated with leaf characters namely lamina length, lamina width and petiole length. Oil has negative effect on artemisinin content. The information can be used as a useful reference for elucidating relationship of Artemisinin (sesquiterpene), essential oil (monoterpene) with morphological characters for improvement of agronomic practices and will be helpful in selecting superior genotypes.
Research Note