Variability of Grain Protein Content in Improved Upland Rice Genotypes and Its Response to Locations

  • Totok A.D.H., Suwarto, A. Riyanto, D. Susanti, N. Farid, I.N. Kantun, Suwarno and Shao-Hui Zheng
Keywords: Upland rice, protein content, G x E interaction


To search for genetic resources of high grain protein content in upland rice, the variability and genotype × location interaction of
the protein content was studied by a field experiment. The materials used were 10 improved genotypes and two reference upland
rice cultivars. The experiment was carried out at seven different locations in rainy season of 2008/2009. Genetic variability for
grain protein content among the genotypes was confirmed which leads to the possibility for breeding of high grain protein
content in upland rice.Genotype × location interaction influenced grain protein content of upland rice indicating that the
genotypes gave different responses to the variation of locations.The genotypes namely UNRAM 4E, UNRAM 9E, UNRAM 17E
were found to be the high protein content resources. These three genotypes, with stable protein content across locations, may be
considered as genetic material for further development of high protein content upland rice cultivar. This finding might be very
useful to improve nutritional status of poor people in the rural areas especially in east Indonesia (Lombok, Sumbawa) and
semiarid areas with low rainfall.
Research Article