Character association and path coefficient analysis among the derived lines of B × B, B × R and R × R crosses for productivity traits in rabi sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

  • Deepakkumar G. Shinde, B. D. Biradar, S. K. Deshpande, P. M. Salimath,M. Y. Kamatar, Gayatree G.Shindhe and Channaya P. Hiremath
Keywords: Derived lines, correlation, direct and indirect effects, sorghum


An investigation was carried out at RARS, Bijapur and MARS, Dharwad during rabi 2007-08, using a total of 120 F6 generation
lines derived from B × B, B × R and R × R crosses along with 20 checks (varieties, existing B and R lines and parents) in RCBD
with 2 replications. The study aimed to assess the nature of association between yield and its component traits and the direct and
indirect effects of yield component traits on yield. Character association studies revealed that plant height, number of leaves per
plant, number of internodes per plant, panicle length, panicle breadth, number of primaries per panicle, test weight, number of
grains per panicle and fodder yield per plant had positive association with grain yield per plant at both the locations (Bijapur and
Dharwad). On the other hand, days to 50% flowering had negative association with grain yield per plant. The characters viz.,
number of primaries per panicle and number of grains per panicle had the highest direct positive effect on grain yield. Hence, it
would be rewarding to lay stress on these characters in selection programme for increasing yield.
Research Article