Comparison between correlation and path analysis studies in the full sib progenies and F3 bulk population among yield and its attributes in two crosses of greengram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)

  • Ch.Sreelakshmi and M.Reddisekhar
Keywords: Greengram, full sib progenies, association and path analysis


Investigations to know the nature and magnitude of associations among 11 quantitative traits and their contribution towards seed
yield was carried out in 30 full sib progenies of 2 crosses viz., LGG 410 x LGG 450 and RMG 406 x MGG 330 and their
corresponding F3 bulk populations of greengram. The results revealed that number of pods per plant, number of clusters per plant
and number of seeds per pod had positive and significant association with seed yield in the FSII (RMG 406 x MGG 330)
progenies. While, plant height with seed yield, seeds per pod and pods per plant with pod length in FS I (LGG 410 x LGG 450)
progenies compared to non- significant positive correlation were observed in their respective F3 bulk population. Path analysis
revealed that positive direct effect of clusters per plant and seeds per pod in FS I and days to 50% flowering , plant height, pods
per plant and 100- seed weight in FS II were strengthened over their F3 bulk population.
Research Note