Studies on performance of different guava cultivars under western Maharashtra conditions

Keywords: Guava varieties, yield and quality


The present investigation was made on eight different guava cultivars viz., Basti Red, Apple Colour, Chittidar, Seedless, Behat Coconut, Arka Amulya, Arka Mrudula and Sardar under Western Maharashtra conditions. Results of two year study indicated that the cv. Sardar (L-49) produced higher fruit yield (56.39 kg/plant/year). All other seven cultivar’s fruit yield was in between 36.24 kg/plant/year(Chittidar) and 46.05 kg/plant/year (Arka Amulya).  Average number of fruits per plant and average fruit weight were significantly superior in cv. Sardar (L-49) (333.83 and 168.41 g). The cv. Sardar (L-49) also recorded highest TSS and shelf life (12.92 o Brix, and 80.41 hrs) respectively. However, it was observed that, seeds of Arka Amulya and Arka Mrudula were soft whereas that of Sardar (L-49) were hard.

Author Biography

S.G. Bhalekar and S.U. Chalak, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Rahuri
Department of Horticulture, Senior Research Assistant
Research Note