Morphological characterization and assessment of genetic diversity in minicore collection of pigeonpea [Cajanus Cajan (L.) Millsp.]

  • Muniswamy, S. , Lokesha, R. *, Dharmaraj, P.S. , Yamanura and Diwan, J.R.
Keywords: Pigeon pea, Cajanus cajan, mini core, genetic diversity, morphological characterization


An investigation was undertaken to ascertain the extent of genetic diversity present among 196 pigeon pea genotypes using D2 statistic. A wider genetic diversity was observed for nine characters as evidenced by formation of 13 clusters. Number of pods per plant contributed most (59.83%) towards divergence, followed by plant height ( 21.55 The highest inter cluster distance was observed between the cluster XIII and VII, followed by cluster V and XIII, II and XIII and cluster XII and VII, which indicates that the crosses among the genotypes between these clusters may result in better segregants and high heterotic combinations. Cluster mean analysis indicated that cluster V contains dwarf and early maturing genotypes and cluster XIII possess high yielding entries. Morphological characterization was also carried out for 15 traits can be used in varietal purification and seed production.
Research Article