Combining ability analysis in the inter subspecific crosses of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) and yard long bean (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. spp. sesquipedalis)

  • G.Selvakumar, C.R. Anandakumar, C. Chinniah and R.Ushakumari
Keywords: Cowpea, combining ability, inter subspecific crosses, line x tester analysis


The study was carried out to determine combining ability analysis among crosses derived from 11 selected cowpea genotypes. Six lines and five testers were crossed in L x T fashion and 30 hybrids were synthesized. Genotypes GC 3, Co 6, ACM 05-07, RC 101, Co(CP)7, and ACM 05-02 belonging to Vigna unguiculata were used as lines. Vellayani Local, Ettumanoor Local, Vyjayanthi and Vellayani jyothica belonging to Vigna unguiculata spp. sesquipedalis and VBN 2 belonging to Vigna unguiculata were used as testers. The results indicated the presence of both additive and non-additive genetic components for most of the traits. Based on the general combing ability, the parents GC 3, RC 101, Vyjayanthi and Vellayani jyothica were selected as good combiners. The most promising specific combiners for yield and yield components were GC 3 x Vellayani local, GC 3 x Vellayani jyothica, ACM 05-07 x VBN 2, ACM 05-07 x Vyjayanthi, RC 101 x Vellayani jyothica and ACM 05-02 x Vyjayanthi.
Research Article