A new high yielding Spanish bunch groundnut variety CO 7 (ICGV 00351) for the drought prone areas of Tamil Nadu

  • P.Vindhiyavarman* SN.Nigam, P.Janila, M.Vaidhyalingan, N.Manivannan, S.Saravanan,B.Meenakumari, C.Gopalakrishnan and J.S.Kennedy
Keywords: Groundnut, farmers participatory varietal selection, pod yield.


A high yielding Spanish bunch groundnut culture ICGV 00351 (a cross derivative of ICGV 87290 X ICGV 87846) developed at ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics), Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh was evaluated along with six other promising varieties in drought prone areas of Tamil Nadu under Farmers’ Participatory Varietal Selection Trials. Culture ICGV 00351 recorded an overall mean dry pod yield of 2189 kg/ha under rainfed situation. This culture with duration of 105 to 110 days registered a pod yield increase of 17 and 26 per cent over the popular varieties of this region viz., VRI (Gn) 6 and TMV (Gn) 13 respectively. It has 71% shelling and 51 % oil and 22% protein content. This culture has also showed tolerance reaction to major foliar diseases viz., late leaf spot and rust. As this variety has improved pod yield along with consumer and trader preference, this culture ICGV 00351 has been released as CO 7 for cultivation in the entire state of Tamil Nadu.
Research Article