Development and evaluation of early maturing white-grained finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) genotypes for cultivation in sub-mountain Himalayan region of India

  • Salej Sood, Arun Gupta, R. Arun Kumar, Lakshmi Kant and J.K. Bisht ICAR-VPKAS
Keywords: White grained finger millet, Early maturity, PCA, Cluster analysis, Himalayan region


White grained finger millet genotypes has become a thrust area in finger millet breeding due to increased demand of non-glutinous food products and lesser acceptability of brown grained finger millet. Sixteen white grain finger millet lines were developed by crossing extra early maturing brown grained finger millet genotypes including adapted varieties with late maturing white grained finger millet genotypes. The quantitative data of 16 lines along with parents were subjected to multivariate analysis. A wide range of variation was observed for all the studied traits. The parental lines of brown and white grained finger millet genotypes exhibited extreme values for grain yield and days to maturity whereas, the developed white grained genotypes showed moderate values. Projections of genotypes in PCA biplot showed close association of newly developed white grain genotypes VL 427, VL 360, VR 485, VR 443, VL 366, VR 425B, VR 425A and VL 356 with VL 201 (brown type) because of earliness and high yield potential. The cluster analysis further indicated that white grained genotypes from second cluster are probable candidates for further testing and release, and further refinement in breeding strategy by hybridizing white genotypes from second cluster with brown genotype in third cluster for incorporating earliness and high yield.

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Salej Sood, Arun Gupta, R. Arun Kumar, Lakshmi Kant and J.K. Bisht, ICAR-VPKAS
Scientist, Plant Breeding
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