Heterosis for quality parameters in direct and reciprocal crosses of dual purpose pigeonpea

  • H.K. Joshi, D.A. Chauhan, A.R. Pathak and Y.A. Viradiya Navsari Agricultural University Navsari
Keywords: Dual purpose pigeonpea, complete diallel, protein content, TSS content


A field experiment was undertaken with a view to know the extent of heterosis for quality parameters viz., protein content and TSS content in dual purpose pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.]. The hybrids were developed by adopting complete diallel mating design (including reciprocals) involving a set of six parents which includes two parental lines viz., vegetable purpose released variety GT-1 and grain purpose released variety Vaishali as checks. The experiments were conducted at three locations viz., Bharuch, Hansot and Navsari. Significant heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis over GT-1 and Vaishali for protein content and TSS content suggested that there is a good scope of exploiting heterosis and also possibilities of isolating desirable segregants for quality purpose in dual type pigeonpea. The hybrids, AVPP-1 x SKNP-11-19 and SKNP-11-19 x ICPL- 87119 among direct crosses and ICPL- 87119 x AVPP-1 and ICPL- 87119 x SKNP-11-19 among reciprocals recorded significant heterotic values for both protein content and TSS content in dual type pigeonpea which can be worked upon for the future breeding programme to improve quality parameters of dual type pigeonpea.

Author Biography

H.K. Joshi, D.A. Chauhan, A.R. Pathak and Y.A. Viradiya, Navsari Agricultural University Navsari

Assistant Research Scientist

Coastal Soil Salinity Research Station,
Danti - Umbharat

Navsari Agricultural University

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