Genetic diversity analysis for dry fruit yield, its attributes and quality traits in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

  • M. Abhinaya, K.G. Modha, R.K. Patel and H.B. Parmar
Keywords: Dry Chilli, Genetic Variability, Correlation, Path Analysis, Genetic diversity


Genetic variability, correlation, path coefficient analysis and genetic diversity were studied for green fruit yield and its components in 32 diverse genotypes of chilli. The analysis of variance indicated presence of significant variability among the genotypes for all the characters. Higher estimates between GCV and PCV values indicated presence of substantial genetic variability and less environmental influence for plant height, secondary branches per plant, fruit weight, stalk length, fruits per plant, seeds per fruit, fresh fruit yield per plant, dry fruit yield per plant, ascorbic acid, capsaicin content, oleoresin content and capsanthin content. High heritability coupled with high genetic advance as per cent mean was noticed for most of the traits except days to 50 % flowering and 1000 seed weight suggesting presence of additive gene action for inheritance of these yield attributes. Hence, simple selection would be effective for improvement of these traits. Dry fruit yield per plant depicted significant and positive correlation with fruits per plant and fresh fruit yield per plant suggesting possibility of simultaneous improvement. Positive direct effects of fruit length, fruit girth, fresh fruit yield per plant and capsaicin content on dry fruit yield per plant were revealed by path co-efficient analysis suggesting that more importance should be given to these characters for improving dry fruit yield per plant. Cluster I (26) had maximum genotypes and cluster III (1) had minimum genotype. Maximum contribution of capsanthin content (70.97) was observed to the total diversity followed by ascorbic acid (19.56). The inter-cluster distance was observed to be maximum between cluster II and III (D= 447.86). Hence, genotypes from these two clusters can be used in future hybridization program.

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