Combining ability analysis in Safflower (Carthamus tinctorious L.)

  • Gopal Nai, Jogendra Singh*, S. P. Sharma and Chhagan Lal
Keywords: Safflower, general combining ability, specific combining ability, gene action.


Ten parents and their 45 F1 were evaluated for seed yield and its component characters over two environments viz, normal sown (E1) and late sown (E2) conditions. Highly significant variation was observed due to genotypes and environments for all the character studied. Both general combining ability and specific combining ability variances showed significant interactions. The genotypes GMU7359 and GMU5267 were found to be good general combiners and 15 crosses have been identified as good specific combiner for seed yield and other related traits. The cross GMU264 × GMU7359 were the best cross for seed yield and rest of the traits.
Research Article