Line x Tester analysis for yield components and cercospora leaf spot resistance in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

  • VenkataNaresh B.* A.K.Dubey *, P.K.Tiwari*, and M.R.Dabbas*
Keywords: Brinjal, heterobeltiosis, combining ability, yield, cercospora leaf spot, resistance


A line x tester analysis was made to assess the nature and extent of heterosis and combining ability using 36 eggplant hybrids along with their respective parents 15 parents (12 lines and 3 testers). Lines KS-5623 and KS-7840 and tester KS-7512 were found good general combiners for fruit yield per plant. The hybrid, T2 x KS-8821 was found best on specific combining ability .The hybrid, KS-8507 x KS-7512 shows high magnitude of heterobeltiosis (111.84 %).There was high heterosis response in most of the hybrids which supports the role of non-additive gene effects. The heterobeltiosis for Cercospora leaf spot field resistance significantly high in the hybrid, KS-7570 x KS-8822(-66.41 %). Indirect selection for traits such as, fruits per plant, fruit length, fruit diameter, branches per plant and disease resistance could be done in order to achieve higher yield through heterosis breeding in brinjal.
Research Article