Heterosis and combining ability studies in blackgram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) under alfisols of SAT region, India

Keywords: Line × tester, seed yield, yield attributes, gca, sca, heterosis, black gram and SAT


Forty two F1 hybrids of blackgram were produced in line x tester mode with fourteen lines and three testers. The F1 hybrids along with parental lines were raised during kharif, rabi and summer 2013-14 to assess the heterosis and combining ability for seed yield and yield attributes over different environments. The pooled ANOVA revealed significant variability for seed yield, number of branches, pods, clusters, 100 seed weight, fodder biomass and harvest index due to crosses, environment, environment × crosses, while significant variability for environment × line × tester effect for all characters except for number of branches. Among 42 hybrids, three hybrids tested IC 587753 × PU-19, IC 436720 × PU-19, IC 436652 × LBG-20 exhibited significant and positive heterosis over mid, better and standard parent for seed yield, as well as significant specific combining ability. Hence these hybrids of this important pulse crop can be used for seed yield improvement through recurrent selection. Two lines viz., IC 587753 and IC 519805 identified as good general combiners for seed yield and can serve as parental lines in crop improvement programs.

Author Biography

G. Vijay Kumar*, M. Vanaja, Babu Abraham, Premkumar, N. Jyothi Lakshmi and B. Sarkar, ICAR-CRIDA, Hyd.
Division ofCrop Science
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