Studies on variability, correlation and path analysis of traits contributing to fruit yield and its components in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)

  • Prakash Kerure*, M. Pitchaimuthu and Akshata Hosamani Assistant professor of Horticulture, ICAR-Kirshi vigyan Kendra, UAHS, Babbur Farms, Hiriyur Tq., Chitradurga Dist-577 598
Keywords: Fruit yield, GCV, PCV, okra, correlation, path analysis


The present investigation was conducted to estimate genetic parameters such as genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV), phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV), heritability and genetic advance (GA) along with correlations and path coefficients from data collected on 52 okra genotypes collected from the IIHR, Bengaluru, India. Analysis of variance indicated significant differences among the genotypes for different morphological characters. High GCV and PCV were observed for yield per plant, no. of fruits per plant, no. of seeds per fruit, where as moderate GCV and PCV was observed for average fruit weight. High heritability coupled with high GAM were observed for almost all the characters studied, except days to 50% flowering and days to 80 % maturity shows low heritability with low GAM. The yield per plant, plant height and number of seeds per fruit showed high genetic advance that helped in effective and reliable selection through these characters for crop improvement. Fruit yield per plant showed positive association with stem girth, number of branches per plant, plant height, first fruit producing node, fruit length, fruit diameter, average fruit weight, number of fruits per plant, number of seeds per fruit and 100 seed weight while, negative association with days to 50% flowering, number of locules per fruit and days to 80 % maturity. The number of fruits per plant had maximum direct effect on fruit yield per plant followed by average fruit weight. Number of branches per plant, plant height and first fruit producing node contributed to fruit yield per plant indirectly via stem girth, average fruit weight, and number of fruits per plant. Hence, number of fruits and average fruit weight are identified as key traits for developing high fruit yielding genotypes of okra for future breeding programme.

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