Inheritance of growth habit and berry colour in ashwagandha (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal) – A medicinal plant

  • H.B. Deore* and P.Manivel
Keywords: Withania somnifera, growth habit, berry colour, genetics.


Genetics studies were studied for the two qualitative character ivz., growth habit (Erect × Procumbent) and for berry (fruit) colour (Yellow × Red) in ashwagandha. The inheritance of the growth habit was controlled by single gene and the procumbent was dominant over the erect type. The gene symbol P for procumbent and p for erect is proposed. Inheritance studies of yellow versus red berry colour indicated that the trait was in control of classical duplicate recessive epitasis and followed the ratio of 9:7 (yellow: red). The berry colour in this cross is controlled by two genes (Y1 and Y2) with complementary recessive epitasis and gene symbols are proposed.
Research Article