Association analysis for oil yield yield and component traits in sunflower

  • Srinivasa Reddy, B., N. Manivannan and P.Vindhiyavarman
Keywords: Sunflower, oil yield, hull per cent, kernel content, oil content, correlation


Simple correlation analyses was studied in 35 hybrids along with 12 parents of sunflower in order to understand the relationship between yield and its component characters. Observations were recorded on 11 traits viz.,50% flowering, plant height, head diameter, volume weight, 100-seed weight, hull weight, kernel weight, hull percentage, oil content, seed yield per plant and oil yield per plant. The results revealed that all the observed traits are important as selection indices for oil and seed yield improvement programme. It may also be noted that the oil content had significant and negative association with hull per cent and no association with hull weight. The association between oil content and hull per cent might be due to the derived data from hundred seed weight and also kernel weight. Tratis viz., plant height, days to 50 per cent flowering, head diameter, volume weight, kernel weight, hull content and 100-seed weight, oil content and seed yield per plant are important and hence due emphasis should be given in selection programme for oil yield per plant.
Research Note