Exploration, collection and characterization of cassava landraces (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) grown in western ghats region

  • Kanagarasu, S., Ganeshram, S., Prem Joshua, J and John Joel, A
Keywords: Cassava, exploration, landrace, morphological traits, amylose content.


Fifty six land races of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) from Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu exhibited significant variability for root morphological and biochemical traits studied. Amylose and starch contents varied from 14.4 to 30.4% and 10.0 to 39.7% respectively. Among the collections, 50% landraces had yellow colour pulp, indicated the possibility for selection and gene manipulation to improve the carotenoid content of cassava tuberous roots and thereby enhance its nutritive value. The cluster analysis revealed two major clusters and three minor clusters based on outer skin, cortex and pulp colours, texture and taste. The wide genetic diversity suggests that the evaluated germplasm can be used to identifying superior genotypes towards high yield with improved nutritive value.
Research Note