Characterization of pearl millet hybrids and their parental lines by seed storage protein markers

  • A. Manivannan CICR,RS,Coimbatore
Keywords: Pearl millet varieties, SDS-PAGE, genetic diversity and cluster analysis.


The variability of seed storage-proteins of 21 pearl millet genotypes were analyzed by sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Electrophorogram for 21 Pearl millet genotypes (seven hybrids, six female parent, five male parent and three Open Pollinated Variety(OPV)) were scored and Jaccard‘s similarity index (JSI) was calculated. Genetic diversity of Pearl millet genotypes was evaluated by constructing the dendrogram with Unweighted Pair Group Method Arithmetic Average (UPGMA) algorithm using NTSYSPC version 2.01 software. Six mobility bands that were polymorphic (Rm=0.33, 0.39, 0.43, 0.51, 0.69 and 0.75) were used for genotyping. Though it proved an efficient method to distinguish a few genotypes (H 90/4-5, H77/833-2, G 73-107, H 77/29-2, ICMA 95222A, HHB 146, MS 843A and ICMA 89111A) based on banding pattern. Intensity of bands were also some extant helped to differentiate genotypes especially Band with Rm value of 0.43 was light for H 77/29-2, band with Rm value of 0.51 was very light for G73-107 and band with Rm value of 0.75 was medium intensity for H 90/4-5. It is concluded that seed storage protein profiles could be useful markers in the studies of genetic diversity and classification of Pearl millet genotypes.

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A. Manivannan, CICR,RS,Coimbatore
Genetics and Plant Breeding
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