Genetic architecture of yield traits and popping quality in popcorn (Zea mays var. everta) inbred lines

  • N. V. Soni* and S. M. Khanorkar
Keywords: Popcorn, Diallel, Gene action, Hybridization, Non-additive.


Genetic architecture of yield, its attributing traits and popping quality traits were studied using diallel cross method involving ten inbred lines of popcorn through Hayman’s diallel approach. The estimated value of average degree of dominance revealed that non-additive genetic effect was more pronounced in the inheritance of all the traits. The proportions of dominant and recessive genes were not in symmetry as per estimates of H2/4H1.The traits plant height, ear height and grain moisture content satisfied the general assumptions of additive-dominance model of diallel set. The graphical analysis and value of (H1/D)1/2 revealed over dominance type of gene action for these traits. The narrow scattering of parental arrays in Vr, Wr graphs indicate less diversity of parents for plant height.Based on the results, population improvement method was suggested for exploiting heterosis.The parents,I-07-42-1-2, I-07-42-6-3, I-07-63-18-3 and I-07-35-7-3 were identified as good parents for hybridization.
Research Article