Genetic diversity revealed in commercial varieties of Chrysanthemum (Dendranthemagrandiflora) using RAPD markers

  • P.Lalitha Kameswari, G.Anuradha , M. Pratap and Hameedunnisabegum
Keywords: Chrysanthemum, genotypes, RAPD markers, genetic divergence


Molecular characterization using RAPD analysis was carried out in 37 chrysanthemum genotypes.With 27 RAPD primers, total of 278 amplified fragments were scored.Out of which 271 were found to be polymorphic (97.4%). The genetic similarity ranged from a coefficient of 0.174 to 0.600 with an average similarity coefficient of 0.387 indicating a moderate diversity among the group of genotypes studied. In the present study, Ratlam Selection and Snow Cem were found to be the most genetically similar (0.60) followed by Akitha and Shintome with 55.3%. Cluster analysis based on UPGMA method led to the classification of genotypes intofour major clusters and seven minor clusters with one genotype each in cluster V (Arka Ravi), VI (Meera), VII(Asha), VIII(Silper), IX(Autumn Joy), X (Lilith) and cluster XI (Chandrika).
Research Article