Transferability of heterologous SSR Markers to cotton genotypes

  • Yallappa Harijan, G.K. Nishanth, I.S. Katageri and B.M. Khadi
Keywords: Cotton, SSR markers, RGA, heterologous primers, polymorphism


The use of transferable cross species/ genera SSR markers is considered as cost effective strategy to ensure availability of markers in genomic resources of cotton. Forty one of 88 SSR primer pairs constitutes 46.59 % [24 from safflower i.e 27.27% and 17 from pulses i.e 19.32%] were found transferable as they amplified SSR priming genomic regions of both the genotypes. Out of these 88 markers, 27 (30.68%) were shown monomorphism and 14 (15.91%) were shown polymorphism. Among amplified markers, 45.83% and 17.65% polymorphism was observed by these heterolgous markers of safflower and pulses respectively.

Research Note