Phenotypic stability for fruit yield and its components in rainy season brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)of Chhattisgarh plains

  • Nandan Mehta*, C. P. Khare, V. K. Dubey Sabeena F. Ansari
Keywords: G x E Interaction, egg plant, fruit yield, stability


Seven open pollinated genotypes of long brinjal were evaluated in three environments under rainy season and irrigated situations for Chhattisgarh plains. Data analyzed for stability parameters and highly significant mean squares were observed for genotypes, genotype x environment interaction and environment (linear). IBWl-2007-1 was the most stable genotype under irrigated condition of Chhattisgarh plains for kharif planting situations as it had high mean, regression coefficient not deviated from unity and non significant deviation from regression. Whereas, a local genotypes was suitable for fruit yield under low yielding environment.
Research Article