Genetics and interrelationships of yield traits for enhancing productivity of little millet

  • V. Manimozhi Selvi*, A. Nirmalakumari and A. Subramanian
Keywords: Little millet, Germplasm, Variability, Heritability, Correlation


One hundred and nine little millet genotypes comprising 105 germplasm accessions and four check varieties viz., CO2, CO3, CO (Samai)4 and OLM 203 were evaluated during June- September, 2012. High genotypic and phenotypic coefficients of variation were observed for panicle exertion, single plant dry matter yield, culm branches per plant, flag leaf width, single plant grain yield and number of basal tillers per plant. Moderate to high heritability values in broad sense were obtained for almost all the characters studied. Panicle exertion, single plant grain yield, single plant dry matter yield, 1000 grain weight, flag leaf width, culm branches per plant, number of basal tillers per plant and plant height possessed high heritability coupled with high estimates of genetic advance, indicating additive gene action for these characters. Hence, selection at phenotypic level for these traits would be effective. High heritability estimates accompanied by moderate genetic advance were observed for flag leaf length and days to 50 per cent flowering. Hence selection will be effective for these traits. Grain yield had significant and positive correlation with flag leaf length (0.770), peduncle length (0.272) and panicle length (0.223). Hence these traits need to be given important in yield improvement programme.
Research Note