Morphological characterization and discriminant function analysis in mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek] germplasm

  • Chandra Mohan Singh, S. B. Mishra, Anil Pandey and Madhuri Arya
Keywords: Mungbean, characterization, heritability, genetic advance, selection score, agro-morphological traits


The present investigation was conducted with 104 accessions of mungbean during summer 2012-13. Morphological characterization of accessions indicated high level of variation among gene pool. High GCV, PCV, heritability coupled with high genetic gain of agro-morphological traits viz., number of primary branches per plant, number of secondary branches per plant, peduncle length, leaf pubescence density, stem pubescence density, petiole pubescence density, number of clusters per plant and harvest index, indicating that selection will be effective for these traits. The genotypes were grouped in to various groups based on qualitative and quantitative traits, indicating the diversity of genotypes. This study may give better chance to select the genotypes with different weight for mungbean improvement.
Research Note