Pattern of agro-morphological trait relationship and genetic divergence in greengram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek]

  • Chandra Mohan Singh, S. B. Mishra and Anil Pandey
Keywords: Greengram, Bi-plot analysis, genetic distance, principle component analysis, selection criteria.


Thirty six greengram genotypes were evaluated during kharif 2012 in three environments for analysis of quantitative traits. Association analysis showed significant positive relationship between seed yield and some of the agro-morphological traits viz., days to 50% flowering, primary branches per plant, secondary branches per plant, clusters per plant, pods per cluster, pod length, seeds per pod, pod mass, pod wall mass, seed mass, selling percentage, seed index and harvest index. Hence these traits may be used as selection criteria for yield improvement. Based on principle component analysis, pod length, seeds per pod, pod mass, seed mass, pod wall mass, selling percentage, seed index and harvest index were found important and can be added in breeding program. Sona selection had moderate to more diversity with all the genotypes due to their solitary nature, and can be used in breeding program for greengram improvement. Besides this, representative genotypes from each cluster may be selected for future hybridization to get good segregants in segregating generations.
Research Note