CORH 3 - A Short Duration Non aromatic rice hybrid

  • K. Thiyagarajan*, S. Manonmani, S. Robin, K. Mohana Sundaram, S. Rajeswari, R. Rabindran, S. Suresh, L. Subbalakshmi and T.S. Raveendran
Keywords: Rice hybrid, CORH 3, non aromatic


The new early maturing rice hybrid CORH 3 is a combination of TNAU CMS 2A and CB 87R. This hybrid matures in 115
days. The hybrid was found to produce on an average 7.2 tonnes per hectare which was more than 12% higher than the
hybrid checks, ADTRH 1 and KRH2, and more than 25% higher than the variety checks, ADT 43 and ADT 39. The hybrid
produces good quality rice possessing intermediate amylose, soft gel consistency, and good linear elongation on cooking. It
has white, non-sticky, non-aromatic rice which tastes good and has been well accepted by the consumers. Besides, the hybrid
CORH3 is tolerant to Rice Tungro Disease (RTD) and blast. It is also resistant to Green Leaf Hopper (GLH) and tolerant to
Brown Plant Hopper (BPH) and White Backed Plant Hopper (WBPH).
Research Article