Variability for cane yield and quality characters among full-sib progenies of sugarcane (Saccharum spp) on family basis

  • Abdelmahmoud, O, Ahmed*, G. Vijayakumar U.S. Natrajan and C. Babu
Keywords: Sugarcane, variability, full-sib progenies, cane yield and quality


Forty-six sugar cane families were studied for ratooning ability based on family mean, in a completely randomized block
design with two replications at the Sugarcane Breeding Institute (ICAR), Coimbatore. Out of the 46 families, 30 biperental
families were further studied for intra-family variation for population characters, cane characters, quality characters and
clump yield. The family 87A298 x Co 1148 produced better variance for tillers counts where as two families CoH 110 x
984843 and 984843 x Co 1148 had shown maximum variances for number of millable cane. CoJ 72 x Co 62198 produced
wider variances for stalk height and internode length where as for clump yield and internode number the variance was found
to be maximum in the family 9869110 x Co 1148. The family 985931 x Co 779 showed maximum variance for stalk
diameter. Two families viz., CoJ 72 x Co 62198 and Co 85002 x 971862 recorded the highest variances for hand
refractometer brix at 300 days and 330 days respectively. The family 87A298 x Co 1148 showed high level of variances for
clump yield and juice quality indicating the scope for simultaneous selection of clones for both the traits within this family.
Research Article