Association analysis between oil yield and its component characters in Jatropha

  • D. Umamaheswari, M. Paramathma and N. Manivannan
Keywords: Jatropha curcas, correlation, path, oil yield


The present study was undertaken to determine the correlation and path analysis in interspecific hybrids of Jatropha.
Thirteen families along with one check were taken for study. The present investigation revealed that the characters such as
seed yield per plant, weight of the capsules per plant, number of seeds per plant, number of capsules per plant, number of
flower clusters per plant and oil content recorded siginificant and positive correlation with oil yield per plant. The path
analysis also showed that the characters viz., weight of the capsules per plant and number of seeds per plant showed high
positive and direct effect on oil yield per plant, whereas number of capsules per plant recorded positive and high indirect
effect via number of seeds per plant on oil yield per plant.
Research Note