VRI Gn 7 – A high yielding Virginia Bunch variety

  • P. Vindhiyavarman, G. Nallathambi, PL.Viswanathan, A. Mothilal, D. Kumaresan, S. Chidambaram, K.N.Ragumoorthi, K. Sachithanandam, K. Subrahmanian,
  • K. Manian, V. Muralidharan, J.S. Kennedy, K. Karunanithi and S. Jebaraj
Keywords: Semi-spreading, VG 9902


The semi spreading groundnut culture VG 9902 is a hybrid derivative of TMV 1 x JL 24. It is a high yielding semi
spreading genotype with rose testa. It matures in 120-125 days. This culture has recorded an overall mean dry pod yield of
1865 kg/ha, with an increase pod yield of 19.0 and 23.3 per cent over TMV 1 and TMV 10, respectively under rainfed
condition. The pod and kernel characteristics of this culture are most acceptable to the farmers. The shelling out turn and oil
content are 72.0 and 48.0 per cent, respectively. The culture possessed seed dormancy for a period of 45 days.
Research Article