Combining ability for fodder yield and its components in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L)

  • R. Prakash, K. Ganesamurthy, A. Nirmalakumari and P. Nagarajan
Keywords: Combining ability, gca, sca, fodder sorghum


Seven lines were crossed with five testers in a L x T mating design to estimate the combining ability for fodder yield in
sorghum. Non-additive genetic variance played a preponderant role in the inheritance of all the characters studied viz., days
to 50 % flowering, plant height, number of tillers, number of leaves, leaf length, leaf breadth, stem diameter, green fodder
yield and dry fodder yield. The parent’s viz., ICSA 693 and PKB 192 can be considered as superior parents in the present
study as they recorded high per se performance with positively significant general combining ability effect for green fodder
yield/plant. Among the 35 hybrids evaluated, crosses viz., ICSA 547 x PKB 192, ICSA 374 x PKB 161, ICSA 403
x CSV 15-217 were considered as superior hybrids as they recorded high per se performance and significant sca effect for
green fodder yield/plant.
Research Article