Morphological Characterization and Evaluation of Little millet (Panicum sumatrense Roth. ex. Roem. and Schultz.) Germplasm

  • A. Nirmalakumari, K. Salini and P. Veerabadhiran
Keywords: Little millet, germplasm, variability, correlation, path analysis


Evaluation of hundred and nine little millet germplasm accessions was done during rabi, 2008-2009 at
Department of Millets, Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,
Coimbatore to study descriptive statistics, genetic variability, correlation and path analysis of yield and its
components. High estimates of variability together with high heritability and high genetic advance were
observed for grain yield, number of productive tillers per plant, total number of tillers per plant, flag leaf width
and flag leaf sheath length indicated additive gene effects for these characters. Phenotypic selection based on
these characters may be effective for yield improvement. Highly significant positive correlations of most of the
component characters with grain yield and strong inter correlation among themselves indicated possibility of
simultaneous improvement of these characters by selection. High positive direct effect and indirect effects of
other characters through days to 50 per cent flowering indicated this character should be given importance in
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