Induction of mutations for plant height and inheritance of dwarf mutant in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) through gamma ray irradiation

  • Anand M. Badigannavar* and Suvendu Mondal
Keywords: Groundnut, Gamma rays, Dwarf mutant, Tall mutant, Incomplete dominance


Gamma ray induced mutagenesis of groundnut cultitvar TAG 24 evolved true breeding several mutants
affecting various morphological traits. Among them, 16 mutants were dwarf and three were tall. Plant height
was reduced by 24.5% to 41.0% in dwarf mutants and increased by 13.1 to 30.6% in tall mutants. Progenies
from an interesting dwarf mutant consistently segregated into dwarf, extreme dwarf and parental types. From the
hybridization between mutant and its parent, it was concluded that dwarf mutation was due to monogenic
incomplete dominance.
Research Article