Identification of restorers and maintainers for CMS lines of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under shallow low land condition

  • S. Jayasudha* and Dr. Deepak Sharma
Keywords: Hybrid rice, pollen sterility, restorers, maintainers, rice.


Based on the pollen fertility (%) and spikelet fertility (%), ten genotypes were identified as potential restorers. Among the
genotypes RPHR 203-3 and R 1216-6 have been identified as potential restorers for all three lines (CRMS 31A, CRMS 32A and IR 58025A). Among others , WAR 120-1-5-6-2-B-B-3, CR 780-1937 and Chinikapoor were considered as potential restorers for CRMS 31A and IR 58025A. IR 68830-NDR-1-1 for CRMS 32A and R 1130-102-3-88-1, OR 1898-18RAU 729-12-44 and WAR 89-4-A9-1-B-B-B-2 were found to be good restorers for CRMS 32A. The study also concluded that the
frequency of potential restorers is much higher in number and no effective maintainer could be identified in the material
under study.
Research Note