Combining ability analysis for grain yield and its contributing traits in maize (Zea mays L.) over environments

  • Baudh Bharti, R.B. Dubey, Arun Kumar, H.N. Bind and B.S. Jat
Keywords: Maize, combining ability, grain yield, line x tester


Combining ability analysis for grain yield and its contributing traits in maize was performed with 15 inbred line and 3 tester parents and the resulting 45 hybrids using line x tester cross analysis in three environments during kharif and rabi 2014. The results of combining ability analysis over the environments revealed significant mean squares due to general and specific combining ability indicating that both additive and non-additive gene actions were important in the inheritance of characters studied. The parents L2 (EIQ -132), L4(EIQ-134), L5(EIQ-135), L6(EIQ-136), L8(EIQ-138), and L14(EIQ-144) and L15 (EIQ-145) were good general combiners for grain yield and majority of traits over the environments. Hence, these parents can be used in crossing and further exploited for improvement of traits in the population. Six inbred lines viz., L1(EIQ-131), L2(EIQ -132), L3(EIQ-133), L6(EIQ-136), L8(EIQ-138) and L14(EIQ-144) were identified good general combiner for maturity related traits. Whereas the crosses L7 x T2 (EIQ-137 x EIQ-102), L13 x T3 (EIQ-143 x EIQ-103), L10 x T1 (EIQ-140 x EIQ-101), L1 x T1(EIQ-131 x EIQ-101) and L11 x T3 (EIQ-141 x EIQ-103) were identified as potential ones for yield and yield components based on high sca effects along with high per se performance. These hybrids may be exploited for commercial cultivation by testing them over locations and years for their yield stability.

Research Article